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Whether you are planning a bathroom renovation or coming up with a completely new bathroom design, you might want to check out our list of bathroom trends we think will be hot in 2017.

Render It Oz are predicting the simple and elegant beauty of a black and white bathroom, mood lighting, tile-less finishes and of course natural materials and lush greenery will be on trend in 2017, here’s our complete list:


1. Monochrome Colour Schemes

We think the timeless black and white monochrome is going to make a huge comeback in 2017. Consider using bold black and whispy white in your color palette for your bathroom design to make an immediate impact.

Render It Oz’s Tadelakt can be a good choice for that stunning white finish on the walls instead of tiles while black tapware a matte black bath or shimmery black vanity can really compliment a white Tadelakt finish beautifully.


2. Tileless Bathrooms

While a tile might seem to be a compulsory part of your bathroom design, the world has many more options to offer. Tadelakt has been around for centuries and its benefits are often underestimated.

Easy maintenance coupled with beautiful colors and a seamless finish make Tadelakt by Render it Oz an amazing replacement for the regular, often dull tile.


3. Unexpected Combinations

Simple tile-covered bathrooms or vintage designs might be attractive on their own but will look much more interesting as a mix.

In 2017 consider blending several styles, such as modern and organic, wood and tiles, and metal with textiles. Bold combinations are conquering the world.


4. Mood Lighting

The times when we used bathrooms to only brush our teeth and wash our faces are long past. Bathrooms are becoming a place for relaxation and that’s why we think proper lighting is a must on your bathroom design wish list.

In 2017 look for flexible lighting solutions. The perfect bathroom should have a set of bright lights for daily grooming activities and dim lights for enjoyable relaxation.


5. Natural Materials

Let’s face it, going back to nature is not a new trend and 2017 looks set to continue the natural material domination as more and more home builders and designers look to sustainable home building.

Using natural materials, such as lime-based plaster, clay or recycled timbers will you’re your bathroom not only a modern look and feel but also a sustainable element.

Consider using wood for decorative elements in your bathroom and stone on others to add a boldness.


6. Greenery

Not only is ‘Greenery’ the 2017 Pantone colour of the year, we think adding greenery to your bathroom is bang on trend in 2017.

Bringing plants to the bathroom is a great way to make your bathroom feel more relaxed and spa-like.

By choosing plants to highlight your décor, you won’t just get the benefits of a unique bathroom design, but will be able to enjoy the peacefulness greenery brings to your home.

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