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What Makes A Tadelakt Bathroom So Easy To Maintain

What makes a Tadelakt Bathroom so easy to maintain

If you are looking for a perfect tile alternative to decorate your bathroom, you must have already considered Tadelakt. This material has an overwhelming number of advantages, the main being easy maintenance.


If you are planning a bathroom renovation or are contemplating the best way to design your home, Tadelakt is for you. So, what makes a Tadelakt bathroom so easy to maintain? Let’s take a look.


The secret of the easy maintenance is hidden in the finish. Tadelakt is finished with a layer of soap solution.

This means that the grime doesn’t have a chance to stick to the surface. All you need for cleaning a Tadelakt wall is water, black soap and a sponge.

No special cleaners or abrasives are required. In fact, they are forbidden since they can damage the surface.


Because it’s naturally a lime based product, with proper care and maintenance, Tadelakt doesn’t allow any mildew or mould to appear on the surface.

Tadelakt is absolutely smooth so the mould doesn’t have a place to grow as it does on the grout of tiles.


When Tadelakt is applied by a skilled artisan, there are no joints in the walls where dirt, grime, and mould can appear.

The absolutely smooth and uniform surface doesn’t leave these annoying enemies a chance.

Water Resistance

Similar to the application of tiles, if Tadelakt is applied over a waterproofed wall, it’s natural water resistant qualities make it a perfect solution for wet areas such as the bathroom.

When applied by an experienced and skilled artisan, there is little to no chance of water leaking through and settling behind the Tadelakt finish to cause dangerous and invisible mould growth.


If you choose Tadelakt for your bathroom, you’ll most likely practice a minimalistic design option by avoiding cluttered walls and surfaces. This natural approach will reduce the maintenance even further.


The only thing that you need to remember when choosing Tadelakt for your bathroom design is that it must be applied by a professional such as the skilled artisans at Render It Oz.

You can take advantage of the above qualities only if the job is done right.


Applying Tadelakt on your own can lead to disappointing results. So using a professional Tadelakt applicator is your best bet.

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