Introducing...Metallics! The interior design trend that reigns above all else this Christmas - Render It Oz
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Introducing…Metallics! The interior design trend that reigns above all else this Christmas


Gold, Rose Gold and Copper have all played a huge role in design trends in 2016. Think about the kitchens and bathrooms on Channel 9’s The Block where all contestants used these amazing metal finishes to add warmth and luxury to their apartments.


Render It Oz, Tadelakt experts and leaders in the architectural coatings field in Victoria saw a huge uptake of metallic elements in their client’s bathroom and kitchen designs in 2016.


“From metallic silvers mixed into our polished plaster to copper basins and rose gold mirrors, we’ve seen it all this year.” Said Render It Oz’s Gorni Cahani.


While render can add wow factor to any room, Cahani believes good quality fixtures and fittings work together to create an expensive looking space.


“Gold and bronze accessories do this very easily. While they might be priced at the higher end, they will prove to be a good investment over time.” He said.


Teamed with natural materials such as lime based plaster and timber, metallics can add instant luxe and a raw, unrefined feel to any building or renovating project.


“Venetian plaster is the type of plaster that showcases metallic really well on a wall or fireplace. We can apply a pearl like finish with the product which is quite popular at the moment and looks fantastic.” Cahani said.


Other colour combinations used with polished plaster walls include a subtle pink metallic on white, sky blues on shimmering white and of course gold flecks through black and also on white.


Venetian plaster is a natural lime based plaster which is hand applied and finished to a high sheen creating an amazing design feature to any home.


To find out more about this fantastic product and its uses, download our fast facts sheet now or check out our other articles below.


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