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Fall in love with Japanese Plaster this Valentines Day

Japanese plaster is a high-quality lime- and clay-based decorative plaster.


Finding its way to Japan as early as the 6th century, this magnificent lime plaster was used as a canvas for religious paintings. 


Lime Japanese plaster was rare and expensive. It was sparingly applied over earthen or sand-lime plaster to get a smooth and velvety feel.


The lifespan of exterior lime plaster is over 20 years. When used for Japanese interior design purposes, this plaster can last for centuries.


Nowadays Japanese plaster is used mostly for feature walls and fireplaces. If you are tired of simple wallpaper, tiles, and other wall finishes, you might want to take a look at this centuries-old invention that’s making a huge comeback into Australian homes.


When you are looking for new interior design ideas for your home, consider Otsumigaki. In Japanese Otsumigaki means “polished and compressed”. It’s a perfect choice for high-traffic areas in your home, such as hallways.


The product is applied and then polished. The polishing involves compressing and creates a smooth velvety surface you’ll want to keep touching. No other material can create the same effect.


Japanese plaster can bring an unexpected warmth and elegance to your home. When you take a look at the walls covered with this material, you’ll immediately experience a feeling of calmness and comfort. This effect is achieved by the smooth qualities of this unusual plaster.


Japanese design is about simplicity. Even if you are a fan of outrageous patterns, the simple effect of this plaster can easily change your mind.


Besides being attractive on the outside, Japanese plaster is safe on the inside. Created out of all-natural materials, it can be a great addition to your environmentally-friendly household.


So if you are looking for a durable, high-quality, environmentally-friendly components to decorate your walls and make your home look and feel peaceful, Japanese plaster is an obvious and more than perfect choice.


Contact us today and let Render It Oz help you unleash your inner zen with this magnificent product.

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